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Cuckoo Project

The Cuckoo is one of those wrecks that most divers in southern England have heard about and many have probably dived, but not often taken the time to really explore both the wreck and surrounding sandy bottom.

We adopted the wreck at the beginning of the 2013 diving season and our Project Leader carried out some historical research prior to a number of members conducting an extensive underwater survey. The aim of our research was to ascertain if this was the ASR-12 wreck.

We would like to thank the BSAC Jubilee Trust for granting us the funds which enabled us to carry out the surveying, without which the entire project would not have been possible.

The photograph above is (c) Alan Kempster and the Scottish Maritime Museum, reproduced with their kind permission.  It show the restored ASR-10 'Cuckoo' at their site.  You can see more about ASR-10 here: https://flic.kr/p/rschN6.