Have you always wanted to dive but never knew where to start? Unsure whether it is for you, book your try dive today to find out! Full Scuba equipment is provided. As a not-for-profit club, we simply ask for a contribution of £25 towards our expenses.

Contact 07717 274301 to book a Saturday evening Try Dive at the Aldershot Garrison pool.

We supply all the gear and you will receive a 30 minute briefing followed by a 45 minute underwater session in the pool with one of our BSAC instructors



Start your diving experience now with the Ocean Diver training course, where you learn the basics of diving. Contact us today to register your interest. BSAC's Ocean Diver course through us costs £420 (adult) including your first year Club and BSAC membership, as well as your training materials.

We also offer for those limited time a Fast Track option with our BSAC Centre Partner, Divecrew in Crowthorne. You still join BSAC and Aldershot Dolphins Club and complete all of your Ocean Diver training in 4 days (see costs under Membership section below)

You can then progress through the BSAC Diver grades - Advanced Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver.

We can also offer BSAC Skill Development Courses such as Oxygen Administration, AED, Boat Handling, Accelerated Decompression Procedures and Buoyancy & Trim Workshop



Are you already a qualified diver looking for a club?

Want to join to continue diving and grow as a diver in a friendly club atmosphere?

Adult full annual membership is just £230 per year, including BSAC fees and third party insurance.

Club Fees effective March 2021 :

  • Fast track (in 4 days) Ocean Diver through Divecrew BSAC Centre Partner £760, includes Club and BSAC central fees. As an option, you can also complete the Theory modules through e-learning online. 

  • Ocean Diver through the Club - £420 first year to train as an Ocean Diver, includes Club and BSAC central fees. Dive site fees and dry suit hire apply where required.


  • Annual Club membership renewal £230 per year including BSAC central fees

  • No extra charges for Advanced Ocean Diver, Sports Diver,  Dive Leader and Advanced Diver (except student materials, minor instructor expenses) if you complete through the Club