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Training: Highlights

Training with the Club

  • We are here to help you learn to dive, from beginner to advanced diver

  • We provide BSAC training from theory in the classroom through to open water

  • As an option, you can complete Theory modules through e-learning online.

  • We have the most comprehensive system and essential for UK diving

  • Led by qualified BSAC Instructors supported by Assistant Dive Instructors 

  • Where possible we teach diving  on a one to one basis





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Advanced Diver

This course further develops your knowledge and skills. You will gain experience in planning and organising dives at different sites and under different circumstances. Additional experience will be gained in using small boats, chart work. navigation and many other related skills. The BSAC consider this grade as being a fully trained diver.

  • Undertake a wide range of adventurous and challenging diving

  • Manage diving to explore unfamiliar locations

  • Manage diving activities including dives utilising developing technologies and techniques

Course Overview

  • ​Four theory lessons

  • Two dry practical sessions

  • Two open water lessons

  • A theory assessment

  • Twenty dives in a range of conditions since completing Dive Leader

Dive Leader

Dive Leader training concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading an open water dive. Practical lessons in rescue management and rescue skills will give you the confidence and ability to deal with those unforeseen emergencies. Leading a dive will develop your enjoyment and experience as a diver.

Qualification to ISO 24801-3/EN14153-3:

  • Progressively conduct dives to 50 metres

  • Can plan and lead a range of dives, including those requiring detailed dive, gas and decompression requirements planning

  • Rescue management skills

  • Competent to manage and supervise dives to locations known to the club

Course Overview

  • Twelve classroom modules

  • A theory assessment

  • Seven open water sessions

  • Two dry practical sessions

  • Twenty dives in a range of conditions since completing Sports Diver

Sports Diver

In Sports Diver training, the emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience through a series of structured practical lessons. Once you have gained this open water experience with a qualified instructor, you are ready to take part in dives with other Sports Divers or those of higher grades.

  • Progressively conduct dives to a maximum of 40 metres

  • Plan and conduct dives requiring mandatory decompression stops

  • Rescue a casualty and provide basic life support

  •  Provide rescue management skills

Course Overview

  • Six classroom modules

  • A theory asssessment

  • A dry practical session

  • One sheltered water session

  • Five open water lessons

Advanced Ocean Diver

An optional course open to all Ocean Divers or from another diver training  agency (with Nitrox training). It enables Ocean Divers to extend their diving to 30m and is an interim qualification on the journey to Sports Diver. This is a great opportunity for those divers who have learnt to dive abroad, typically with another agency wanting to progress with a BSAC Club and dive in the UK. The extended depth allows more options on participation on Club dives and trips, plus overseas diving holidays.

Qualification to ISO 24801-2/ EN141153-2 :

  • No decompression diving to maximum depth of 30 metres

  • Use of air or nitrox mixes up to 36%

Course Overview

  • Four Classroom/theory modules

  • A theory assessment

  • Option to complete theory through e-Learning online

  • 2 Open water modules

  • Compass lesson

  • Depth progression dives (25m and 30m)​


Ocean Diver

A great starting point for anyone interested in getting in to diving. This course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving. Learning to dive is all about learning to use your equipment properly and safely. The Ocean Diver training course concentrates on preparing you through a series of theory lessons combined with training in the safety of a swimming pool before introducing you to open water in a controlled and safe manner. This also gives you the opportunity to practice safety skills in the company of a qualified instructor or experienced diver.

Qualification to ISO 24801-2/ EN141153-2 :

  • no decompression diving to maximum depth of 20 metres

  • Use of air or nitro mixes up to 36%

Course Overview

  • Six Classroom/theory modules

  • A theory assessment

  • Option to complete theory through e-Learning online

  • A basic swimming assessment

  • Five sheltered water modules

  • Four open water modules​

Training: Highlights
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